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What size Curtains do you need?

What size Curtains do you need?

What size Curtains do you need

If your window is 36 “long (window width x 2 = 71”), you will need curtains which give the window a minimum width of 72 “or two panels. In this situation, two panels will give a width of about 100” to 120 “which will look beautiful and perfect. Always round to complete the next number.

The given size refers to each curtain, so if you buy a pair of curtains measuring 117 cm x 137 cm (46 “x 54”) you will receive two curtains each measuring the same width 117 cm x 137 cm (46 “x 54” wide).

Ready-made curtains

Ready-made curtains

Ready-made curtains are available in 3 standard widths: 112 cm (44), “166 cm (66”) or 227 cm (90). The width measurement refers to the width of each curtain of the pair, as for the combined effect, you need to double the width of your curtain.

Pleated effect of curtains

The curtains must be more extensive than the direction to achieve the pleated effect that you notice at the top of most curtains, Dubai. The actual amount of collection depends on heading styles and personal preference, but as a general rule, the width of your curtains should be twice as large as your track.

Pre-made Use of specific standards

The most common lengths for pre-made use are 63, 84, 95, 108 and 120 inches. Widths vary, but most of them are 45 “wide. In general, it takes more than one panel to cover standard window designs. Long drapery panels which go up to the floor.

You don’t need to hold out in this case for an exact match of color. So long as the color of the pattern is no more than two shades lighter or darker than the color of the ground, the eye sees the color as replicated.

Width of curtains

Width of curtains

When measuring the diameter of curtains, considering the ‘ gather ‘ is significant. We take our path/rope measurement (C). When we are closed, we subtract and divide the curtains by 1.5 and by 2. The result is each curtain’s necessary width.

So you’d be looking for a pair of curtains for your 120 cm window, where each curtain measures approx 140 cm. It’s up to you if you think to go for a little less drape or more drape because you won’t get your exact measurement in a ready-made one.

It would help if you allowed the two flat panels to be at least one and a half times the width of the curtain pole.

I think they look a lot better at doubling the width of the pole. Could you give a few inches, or take it? It helps the curtains to have enough fabric so that when hanging over your bed, the pleats look right.

Extra-wide rims. Need wide curtains too?

Dubai curtains and blinds store has wide curtains from 44 inches to extra wide curtains at a width of 150 inches, also with varying drop sizes from 54 inches to 126 inches in length.

Drapes should be sufficient to reach the floor as a general decorating law. The amount of drapery material which reaches the level depends on the curtains ‘ desired appearance once they hang around the windows.

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