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How to Choose Curtains For Living Room? A Comprehensive Guide

How to choose curtains for living room

Curtains are a stylistic and practical element of living room interior design. They can transform the windows into an elegant and aesthetic spot in the room. In this blog post, Dubaicurtainsandblinds have discussed the considerable factors for How to choose curtains for living room. We have also highlighted different types of common fabrics and styles of window curtains. When choosing curtains for the living room, privacy, light control, and fabric patterns/colors are the top aspects to be considered.


Living room curtain consideration

While choosing curtains for the living room, we need to consider multiple essential factors. These factors include the fabric material, length, width, hardware, placement, and budget. For the best possible styling, color contrast, patterns, and designs would be considered.


Curtain Fabrics

Fabric material is an important aspect that must be considered by any room designer. We have enlisted some popular curtain fabric materials for living room curtains, such as silk, cotton, linen, sheer, and velvet.


Silk Curtains

Silk Fabric Curtains

Silk curtains are the most classical choice for window treatment. They make your room interior more luxurious and cozy. If you’re exploring budget-friendly fabric, faux silk is an excellent option.


Cotton Curtains

White Cotton Curtains

Cotton is a versatile fabric material for high-quality and elegant curtains. Cotton curtains are crafted in multiple colors and designs. These curtains are also available in multiple linings to create a contemporary and decent look.


Sheer Curtains

Black Sheer Curtains

Made of thin fabrics, these curtains allow filtered light to enter the place and also capture dirt particles so you can enjoy a dirt-free room interior. Sheer curtains provide a transition effect between both sides of the living room. For complete softness and texture, these curtains can be installed.


Velvet Curtains

Blue Color Velvet Curtains

If you want to create a dark effect in your room, a velvet curtain is another best option. These fleshy and thick curtains are valuable for blocking light and privacy control. You can choose any bold color in velvet fabric for curtain styling.


Linen Curtains

Linen Fabric Curtains

To beautify your living room space, these durable and breathable fabrics can be used for window covering. Linen curtains provide greater versatility and a natural look to your place’s interior with multiple eco-friendly features.


Curtain Length

Curtains Length

Curtain length is another pivotal aspect that plays a crucial role in determining the best styling for living room curtains. The standard length of ready-made curtains may vary from 63 inches to 120 inches. However, customized curtains can be installed at any desired length.


These types of curtains have a length that is greater than the distance between the room floor and the curtain rod. This type of styling seems more luxurious and sophisticated.


These sorts of curtains have a 1-inch extra length to bend at the bottom. This curtain length adds more styling to the room’s interior.


These types of curtains hover at the end to barely touch the floor. This window styling is used for a clean and decent interior touch.


Floating curtains have 1-inch less length at the end to avoid floor touching. This style makes the curtain float above the floor.


Curtain Header Styles

Curtains Header Style

Curtain heading is also a prominent option for crafting a unique style for window treatment. There are multiple popular header options for curtains available in the UAE market.

  • Pinch pleat header
  • Pencil pleat header
  • Grommet header
  • Tab-top header
  • Triple pleat header
  • Rod pocket header
  • Flat panel header


Living Room Style

Living room Style

Living room style is an important factor that must be considered while choosing curtains. We have enlisted some popular styles of curtains for the living room.


Popular Living Room Curtain Styles

Living room Curtains Style
  • Floor-length curtains style
  • Patterned design curtains
  • Double-up curtains style
  • Vibrantly colored curtains
  • Thermal lined curtain style
  • Curtains hung from the ceiling
  • Voiles curtains style
  • Oversized curtain style
  • Shorter curtains style


Effective Ideas For Choosing Living Room Curtains

Effective Ideas For Choosing Living Room Curtains
  • Always choose a curtain color that makes a great combination with your room’s walls.
  • Go bold for versatile and unique patterns & colors of room curtains.
  • Contrast curtain fabric, hardware, and living room decorative elements.
  • While choosing curtains, embrace your personalized style and design.
  • Also, give importance to the header style that offers variable pleating options.

Note: Never ignore the pricing structure whenever you are going to buy a living room curtain. Per expert recommendations, you should visit at least 3-4 curtain shops to have a general estimate regarding the curtain pricing and quality relation. Make sure of the premium quality and flexible rates before finalizing curtain orders in Dubai and nearby areas.

The Bottom Line of How to Choose Curtains for Living Room!

It is summed up with remarks that choosing a perfect curtain for the living room requires extensive knowledge about curtain fabric, styling, design, length, patterns, and market rates. Every room designer must also know about traditional and modern curtain outlooks for styling their living space following the current trends. By following our unique ideas that are mentioned in this blog, you can smoothly choose the best possible curtain for your living room.

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