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How To Clean Dusty Curtains? A Brief Guide

How To Clean Dusty Curtains

Curtains do not just provide comfort and style, but they also block dust from outside by trapping particles. Window curtains help trap dirt particles to keep your place’s interior clean. But they can also cause allergies, respiratory disease, and moldy smell in the interior space if they have excessive dust particles in their threads. Regular dusting or cleaning is necessary to make these curtains clean and comfortable. In this novel guide, Dubai curtains and blinds have come up with an effective guide about dusty curtain cleaning and maintenance.


Dusty Curtains Cleaning And Maintenance A Short Guide

Curtains are crafted with different types of fabric materials. Each fabric has its unique features and requires specific cleaning requirements. Some fabric curtains require machine washing, while others require handwashing due to their complex adornments. However, we have also enlisted some specific supplies and pre-requisites for cleaning.


Supplies You’ll Need

  • Clean water
  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Washing machine
  • Iron for pressing
  • Tub for hand washing
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner (Optional)


Pre-Requisites for Curtains Cleaning

  • Before washing these grimy curtains, measure the size of the curtains. This will be helpful in stretching the curtains to their actual size after washing.
  • Remove all hooks, rings, or any other weights from the curtains.
  • Always try to remove the loose dust particles by vacuuming or dusting before washing.
  • Before proper washing, test the fabric for color fading or fastness by just washing any corner of the curtain.
  • Always try to consider which washing technique is suitable for your curtain fabric.
  • Some curtains are washable, while some are not, hence they require dry or steam cleaning.


Steps To Clean The Curtains

There are multiple methods to clean the curtains efficiently such as handwashing, machine washing, dry-cleaning, or steam cleaning. Choosing the best method for cleaning depends upon the curtain specifications or requirements.


Cleaning By Hand Washing

Curtains Cleaning by handwashing

You can use hand washing practice for those curtains which are not machine washable. For washing the curtains by hand, make a solution of clean water and any available laundry detergent in a large tub. Shake this solution until it makes detergent leather. Swamp the curtains and stir in the water tub for 10-15 minutes. After this, rinse with clean water to eliminate detergent residues and dry the curtains by hanging them on the rod. After drying, press the curtains with the help of iron to remove wrinkles.


Machine Washing- Detailed Curtain Cleaning

Machine Washening Curtain Cleaning

It is an element of comfort if your curtains are machine washable. Firstly, remove hard accessories from them such as rings and hooks. While washing to protect curtains from snagging and damage, place them in a mesh laundry bag. Then place the bag in the machine for washing. Use any available laundry detergent for shaking the curtains with water. Allow the machine to take some cycles for efficient cleaning. After washing, hang them on a flat surface or rod to eliminate wrinkles.


Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective technique to eliminate dust, allergens, and stains from window curtains. Before cleaning, you need to prepare a steam cleaner by filling clean water. Then pick nozzles of cleaner and move it up and down on the curtain. Ultimately the steam refreshes the curtain fabric by removing all the dust residues. In the end, remove the wrinkles by completely drying the curtain.


Curtain Maintenance Tips

  • It must be ensured that dark-colored curtains are away from sunlight exposure.
  • Always try to install curtains that have perfect window length.
  • Vacuum your curtains regularly for proper dusting and cleaning.
  • Adopt proper techniques for curtain storage to prevent them from damage if not in use.
  • For washing the curtains, choose the detergent carefully, avoid toxic chemicals and bleaching solutions.

The Bottom Line Of How To Clean Dusty Curtains!

It is concluded that window curtains require proper cleaning and dusting for their longevity and better appearance. But a cleaner should know all the essential requirements for curtain cleaning. Cleaning the curtains in an appropriate way not only gives an elegant look but also makes curtains dust, mold, and smell-free.

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