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How to get wrinkles out of curtains

How to get Wrinkles Out of Curtains

How to get wrinkles out of curtains
Curtains may grow deep-set lines if they have been folded up for a while in a linen closet. There are several security options if you need to treat wrinkles without taking them down, such as spiriting them with water, using a wrinkle-release product, or steaming them. Consider drying of curtains Dubai with a damp towel, steam or iron the curtains in your bathroom if you want to get the wrinkles out. Washing and hanging the curtains will also get the lines out so if you need to remove them anyway, this is a good option. If everything else fails, take your curtains for professional help of dubaicurtainsandblinds with cheap rates.

Treating hanging curtains with wrinkles

Treating hanging curtains with wrinkles

Sprits out the curtains and remove the lines with plain water. Fill plain water with a clean spray bottle and spray the curtains wherever you spot the lines or spray them all over until they are damp. Then, while they air dry, let the curtains hang. The weight of the curtains and the humidity from the water may be adequate to smooth the wrinkles.

· You can also try to sprit the curtains with a 50:50 combination of white vinegar and water.

Spray a wrinkle-release drug into the curtains. Spray with wrinkle-release cream at any wrinkled spots on the curtains. You can sprit the curtains all over if necessary. Instead, let the curtains air dry. The curtains ‘ dampness and weight will smooth the wrinkles during the next few hours.

· If after 24 hours, the curtains still appear wrinkled, repeat the treatment or try another option again.

To extract wrinkles from the curtains, use a handheld steamer. Fill the boat with water as instructed by the manufacturer, then turn it on. Point the steamer’s nozzle at the wrinkles that pass from the top of the curtains downwards. In the next 24 hours, let the curtains air-dry. If the curtains are still braided, repeat the treatment or try another option.

Take down the curtains to avoid the wrinkles

Place the curtains with a damp towel inside a dryer. Remove the curtains of the curtain rod, place them in the dryer and then moisten with water a small towel or washcloth. Squeeze the towel or washcloth out until it’s just damp. Place the towel or washcloth with the curtains in the dryer, and run the dryer for about 20 to 30 minutes on low to medium heat.

Hang the curtains over a shower rod to create steam and run hot water. Remove the curtains off the rail of the curtain and drape them over the rim of the bathroom tub. Switch on the warm water and shut the door to the bathroom and any windows. In the next 5 to 10 minutes, let the bathroom fill with steam, and then turn off the water. Enable the curtains to hang for 30 minutes inside the bathroom.

Iron the curtains, if the wrinkles are stubborn. Lift the curtains from the rod of the curtain; lay them on an ironing board or a table or bedside towel. Next, to lift the wrinkles, iron the curtains at the lowest setting.

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